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Before and After of Our Home and Studio Remodel

It’s been two years now since we bought our home and did a full renovation. And I am not talking a few gallons of paint. I’m talking roof, floors, furnace, electrical, plumbing, 60 hours of wall paper removal from the past six decades, and pretty much every single surface in our home. We did alot ourselves and lets the pros handle the things we couldn’t. We spent 2 months renovating before moving in, at that point we didn’t have any sinks or counters, but we did have running water in the tub. We then spent the next year working on the house and the finally converting the garage into my studio. I seriously loved all of it. We couldn’t have done it without the help of our amazing families who took care of the kids alot or the family and friends that help with us with many of the projects. There’s still more to do, but the pace has slowed as we’ve settled into our very first home.

The key to having our marriage survive a renovation is letting me have final vote on everything. I don’t know if we would’ve survived otherwise. Granted Joe picked the house. I wanted a large historic home with neighbors. Joe wanted a tiny house away from everyone. He fell in love with this bank owned house and went to great lengths trying to get it. So we made a deal, he picked the house, I pick every thing else. I think we made a good team.

Enjoy a few of our before and afters…more to come as we finish decorating the rooms, and start working on the outside of the house.


As wonderful as the carpet was, we scored big time with beautiful hardwood floors underneath that needed to be refinished. It took alot of convincing but we removed the wood burning stove, we had a brand new furnace after all and needed a little more room in the living room. I even removed most of the bricks myself.


dinning-room-beforeThere was no door to the backyard. We couldn’t pass up the chance to add french doors. It may be one of the best things we did. Look at sweet baby Lainey. dinning-room-after
kitchen-beforeThe kitchen was the crowning jewel of the wall paper glory. Eight layers! Honestly I feel our house it’s a little sad that after decades of wall paper on every surface, including inside drawers and closets it doesn’t have any. Joe looks at me like I’m crazy after I spent a good portion of my life removing it all. He may just go out of town sometime and come home to a new, beautiful wall. kitchen-after

bathroom-beforeI think the hexagon tiles are my favorite. bathroom-aftergarage-before
Can you believe my studio use to be a garage? It’s one of our favorite rooms now.




  • Connie - July 29, 2017 - 12:42 am

    Wow! That is a beautiful transformation. You have a wonderful home and studio. I bet your clients love it!!ReplyCancel

  • Sierra - September 25, 2017 - 8:36 pm

    Wow! The transformation of those rooms is remarkable! I love how you kept the charm of the old, especially in the kitchen cabinetry, but updated and sharpened everything.
    It was great to see you at Discover the Wonder!ReplyCancel

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