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Another Love Letter to My Daughter: Brooklyn


Dear Bookie Woo,

Every year I think I couldn’t possibly love you more and yet another year goes by and my heart just continues to expand with all the love I have for you.

It’s not always been easy being your mom. With Hailey, being a mom came natural from the beginning but then you came along throwing to the wayside any parenting skills I may have had. These past ten years have been an adventure as I have learned how to be your mom. I have come to realize that your journey is not my journey. That you are here to teach me as my daughter just as much or more as I am here to teach you as your mother. And most importantly I have learned that my role as your mother is to always look to the bigger picture of who I hope you become someday and let go of all the small things that don’t matter in comparison.

And those small things that I just don’t understand are the exact things that I adore about you. The way you wear camo pants under a dress with your favorite hat on backwards. How you dance, not like nobodies looking, but how whether someone is looking or not, it makes no difference. How it doesn’t matter if something is “made for” boys or girls, cool or not, it only matters if you like it. How you are drawn to anything gross, slimy, dangerous or explosive. You are truer to yourself than anyone I know.

Since you you were little, you’ve always been “tougher than hawks” and it always amazes me how true that stays. I loved watching you play catcher this year as you I saw your teeny tiny body walk up to the plate in the oversized gear. You amazed me as you leaped and dove, with no regard to anything except being the best catcher you could be. You’ve been asking for a skateboard and I’ve resisted as long as I could but finally decided to go for it for your birthday. I fear you will get hurt, but I also know that pushing the limits, getting knocked down and getting up stronger is the story of your life. A life without adventure is no life for you.

Within your tough exterior is one of the kindest souls I know. You are friends with everyone. You don’t tolerate drama or meanness. You just want to have fun and be a friend to everyone who comes your way. One of my big hopes for you girls is that you leave the world a better place and I know that you are already doing that. From being my inspiration to helping foster kids, to your hopes of helping more children in the future, I can’t wait to see the ways you change the world. I know you’ve already changed my world in ways I will forever be thankful for.

I want you to know that you will always be my little girl and I will always be here to support you in your adventures even when I look away because they are too gross or scary for me. I will always come to you when you need me. You always have a safe place in my arms.

I love you forever and for always,






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