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About Annie


I am a wife. I am a mother. I am an artist. I am not fully one without the others.

I love my daughters fiercely. I love them as part of our family, and I love the individuals that they are. I am amazed that I help create three girls that are so incredibly different from each other. From Hailey my born leader, ready to take on the world with strength, grace and style to Brooklyn, my unconventional witty genius, but you’ll miss that if you aren’t closing listening to her. Then Lainey, the life of the party, everybody’s best friend and the happiest girl I could imagine.

I know as a parent, you feel that love I have for my own girls just as deeply for your children. I know that they too give you such a sense of wonder and you feel so lucky that you to get share your life with them. I also know parenting is hard, harder than I even imagined, but by holding on to and remembering all that love makes life a little sweeter.

I try to teach my girls to Work Hard, Play Hard as I do the same. For Annie Smith Photography it means I created a beautiful studio at our home in the country. It means you may hear my children giggly somewhere in the background. It means that Lainey may come running out as you leave to give you the biggest crooked tooth smile. It means there are times I will be unavailable for work because I am off adventuring with my family.

What it also means is I understand how important family is. I know that these photos aren’t just a piece of paper. They represent all those feelings of love that you never knew you could feel so deeply for someone. I know that these portraits will only become more important to you as time passes. So for you I will work my hardest, give you my best, because I know you love your family fiercely too and they are worth it.